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Geriatrician and Neurologist 

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Dr. David Wong

Geriatrician and Neurologist

Visiting hours: Saturday morning fortnightly

(07) 3848 2111 for bookings, referrals and general enquiries contact Wellers Hill Medical Centre


Fax Number: 07 3892 7094

Dr David Wong brings a unique mix as a dual specialist Geriatrician and Neurologist to patient care offered by Beach Brain.

Geriatricians are renowned for providing comprehensive care to our respected elders and Neurologists are adept artisans that address brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle disorders that arise in the course of our lives. Both provide holistic and compassionate care in their respective arenas – Dr Wong is well positioned at its interface.

Dr Wong was born and raised in Brisbane, graduated from the University of Queensland in 2009 and undertook his foundation training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, before pursuing specialist training in both Neurology and Geriatrics in various hospitals throughout South East Queensland and Townsville.

He has particular interests in Stroke, Movement Disorders, Headache and Cognitive Neurology.

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