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Circle of Life Therapy

Brisbane Medical Specialists welcomes Dorothea Vallianos from Circle of Life Therapy.


Dorothea Vallianos

Clinical Psychologist from Circle of Life Therapy
BPsych(Hons), MClinPsych, M.A.P.S

Visiting hours: Thursday Afternoons Fortnightly 

Telephone: (07) 3186 6963

For enquiries please email:

  • Face to Face Therapy

  • Telehealth: Video or Phone

  • Medicare Rebates Apply (No Bulk Billing)

  • NDIS Plan or Self- Managed


I’m Dorothea Vallianos, a Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about working with people, across their lifespan, to help them make life enhancing choices to lead a more fulfilling life. I work with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly during times of transition, loss, doubt, uncertainty and crisis. Following a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, a Masters in Clinical Psychology was conferred. I am also a Member of APS College of Clinical Psychologists. Working in the field of psychology for over 20 years has allowed me the privilege of listening to clients’ unique stories, witnessing their journeys, and helping them overcome adversity and obstacles to achieve clarity, meaning, healing, direction and growth. My breadth of experience has included being a regular guest speaker and host on 96.5FM Talking Life, providing workplace, community and school-based programs and contributing to books, newspapers, and magazines. I utilise evidence-based therapy with a focus on compassion, providing an emotionally safe space; identifying and exploring strength and problem areas; establishing goals and sourcing courage to initiate positive, effective changes. My vision is to assist people in enhancing their quality of life through building resilience and optimising emotional, relational, physical and mental health and well-being in children, adolescents and adults. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your clients to effect life enhancing changes in their lives.


  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • Building Social and Emotional Resilience

  • School Stress & Pressure to Excel

  • Organisation, Study Skills & Test Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks & Social Phobia

  • Find Direction, Meaning and Purpose


  • Depression, Stress, Anxiety

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Attacks, Phobias

  • Managing Interpersonal Family Interactions

  • Grief and Loss

  • Workplace Issues

  • Loss of direction and purpose

  • Stress and Burnout

  • Executive Stress

  • Outplacement & Career Change

  • Work/Life Balance Chronic Medical Conditions


  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Solutions Focused Therapy

  • Schema Focused Therapy

  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy

  • Compassion Focused Therapy

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